1. 35% build cost savings
  2. 40% savings on labour costs
  3. 90% reduction in the time taken to install following delivery to site
  4. BIM-led designs ensure all fabricated parts are manufactured to exact dimensions
  5. Greater control and cleaner delivery
  6. Guaranteed quality assurance with any amendments and re-testing carried out before delivery
  7. Early installation before structures are put in place negates on-site obstacles
  8. Reduces reliance on external suppliers, giving greater control and accuracy
  9. Reduces hot works, welding and heavy overhead lifting in reduced spaces on-site
  10. Reduces on-site congestion, freeing space for other trades
  11. Equipment is delivered when needed therefore reducing disruption on-site
  12. Fewer transport deliveries considerably lowers a scheme’s environmental impact

Concept and design

To influence and shape projects, add our expertise and deliver all the benefits of prefabrication, our involvement starts at the design stage.
Our in-house BIM team provides accurately scaled graphics of all components required enabling us to identify where value can be added.


Detailed feasibility and cost analysis is formally presented with advice to aid client decision making.
Off-site fabrication enables our designers to reduce pipework, streamline the assembly process and ensure all parts are sized correctly.

Bespoke solutions

We have complete pre-production and prototype facilities.
We deliver an array of fabricated pipework from simple flanged lengths and 28” stainless steel flue pieces to large skid-mounted plant rooms and components for industrial-scale energy generation facilities.


All our staff are highly trained and coded in stainless steel, carbon, duplex and all structural grades.
This experience speeds up the entire programme, allowing us to get it right first time.

Quality assurance

All work is overseen by G&H Fabrication’s management team that liaises closely with designers, engineers and welders to guide and examine every element of the fabrication process.
Thorough checking, prototyping, non-destructive testing and re-testing is carried out before the assembly process begins and materials leave for site, thus guaranteeing quality assurance.

Delivery and defect free installation

Once designed, manufactured, tested and approved, we deliver at the most convenient time and then install and connect on-site.
This results in a superior finish, quicker connections on-site and zero defects at installation.