Introduction / overview

We created the Apprentice Training Academy to give young people the opportunity to gain practical, hands-on experience and training in our purpose-built, in-house centre.

It is an investment in our and young people’s futures.

Crucially, it also helps to address the skills shortage in the construction industry.

We work closely with Leeds College of Building and support our apprentices throughout their training; teaching news skills, mentoring and helping them forge fulfilling careers.

Apprentices are given the chance to try a variety of activities and learn new skills at their own pace which they can draw on for the rest of their careers.

They spend time with our five different divisions and experience regular site visits to widen their knowledge and understanding.

Apprentices also receive training in other trades and new legislation as and when required.

Our latest intake saw 12 apprenticeships across the Group with eight in Building Services, two in Fabrication and one each in Maintenance and Air Conditioning.

We have a 100 per cent success rate with all our apprentices completing the four-year course gaining NVQ Level 3 qualifications.

Approximately 20 of our apprentices still work with us.

The Training Centre

We designed The Training Centre to offer apprentices a hands-on approach to learning that complements their college-based work giving them more time on the tools.

This allows them to develop skills at a faster rate and to the G&H standard.

The centre is split into different booths covering a range of mechanical and electrical services.

This includes plumbed toilets, bracketing and piping, electric boxes with wiring and trunking, and wooden boards to master secondary containment systems so apprentices can practice by replicating live site scenarios.

Our apprentices also spend time in our specialist 18,000 sq ft Fabrication facility learning how to create skid-mounted plant rooms and weld components ranging in size from simple flanged lengths to 28” stainless steel flue pieces.

Case Studies

Connor Shaw

Connor started his apprenticeship in December 2014 and graduated in 2018, now working for G&H Building Services as a heating and ventilation engineer.

“I got great support from G&H and my mentors in particular throughout my apprenticeship – both working on-site and with my college work, which made it so much easier for me.

“I really enjoyed learning so many different skills, getting to meet new people and regularly travelling to different sites where G&H was working because it gave me really good life experiences and boosted my confidence.

Tips for apprentices

“Really listen to what you’re being told and you will learn a lot.

“Now is the time to knuckle down and if you’re unsure then don’t be afraid to ask because you get a better understanding that way.”

Case Studies

Dion Henry

Dion completed his four-year apprenticeship in 2018 and has been appointed as an electrical engineer with G&H Building services.

“G&H was the perfect company for my apprenticeship because I got chance to do a bit of everything so I had a really good understanding of M&E.

“If I needed certain experience or to show something specific in my portfolio then I could get it by going on certain jobs, which was a great help.

“If there was anything that I needed or was stuck on I could just ask a member of the team or make a phone call to get the help that I needed.

“Being on-site so much was great. I could watch the experienced engineers and really learn a lot from them – I was never on my own or stuck wondering what to do.

Tips for apprentices

“My tips for the new apprentices are to be really willing to learn and ask questions. Always think a step ahead when working on-site with experienced engineers and think what do they need to do next and how can I help them out.

“If you do this then you will fly through your apprenticeship.”

“My apprenticeship is with G&H Fabrication and I’m taking this chance to get my head down and start my career. We are all encouraged to ask questions and really get involved.

We were all nervous on the first day but it’s a really welcoming environment and everyone gets on really well making friends straight away.”

Jack Craven

“I want to become a electrical engineer and master my trade, getting a skill for life. I’m going to learn as much as I can so I can get the best job possible so I enjoy working and earn a good wage.

We’ve been able to learn so much really quickly by having health and safety training, meeting all the different G&H departments and going to site.”

Jack Fairbrother

How to apply

G&H Group are now looking for our next intake of apprentices across all divisions. We are looking for individuals for a variety of trainee positions for mechanical, electrical, estimating and design site and office based and will work with applicants to support their career progression and skillset from recruitment.

Driving license preferred but not essential.

Please send your CV to to register your interest no later than Friday 3rd May 2024.