Our People

Graham Kelly
Group Managing Director

Graham is the founder and Managing Director of the G&H Group.
Under his leadership the business has grown from a handful of employees into a 140-plus workforce operating across the UK.
Graham leads the Group’s strategic development, direction and delivery, taking an active role and instilling a culture of perfection throughout the business.


Mark Craven
Group Commercial Director

Mark underpins the Group’s business plan commitment and desire to strategically secure large-scale projects with existing and new clients.
He applies his experience to integrate the Group’s five divisions within as many schemes as possible for the greater benefit of all clients.
With over 20 years experience, Mark supports the pre-construction team up to project award and then oversees financial management, procurement, valuations, forecasts, vetting contracts and collateral warranties throughout all projects.

E: mark.craven@ghbs.me

David Davis
Pre-Construction Director

David is responsible for the pre-construction activities within the Group from initial contact with clients up to delivery of a tender proposal.
Having spent his entire career in building services, David has great experience across the industry and draws on his design background to deliver innovative schemes and solutions for clients.

E: david.davis@ghbs.me

James Sherburn
G&H Engineering Services Director

James oversees the Fabrication division, providing offsite solutions for mechanical and electrical building services equipment and materials.
With nearly 20 years experience in fabrication, he works in close liaison with our in-house and our clients’ design teams.
James takes an active client facing role within the business and also provides support to the pre-construction team as well as overseeing the running of our 18,500 sq ft fabrication facility.

E: james.sherburn@ghbs.me

David Ridsdale
G&H Maintenance Director

David leads the Maintenance division operationally, ensuring clients’ buildings are kept open and working while fully compliant at all times.
He is also responsible for G&H Maintenance’s growth in line with the Group’s strategy and is a highly experienced and customer-focussed director with building services experience spanning 25 years.
David is responsible for contracts in a variety of sectors including commercial, industrial, education and leisure, liaising directly with businesses and consultants.

E: david.ridsdale@ghmaint.me

  • Graham Kelly
    Group Managing Director
  • Mark Craven
    Group Commercial Director
  • David Davis
    Pre-Construction Director
  • James Sherburn
    G&H Engineering Services Director
  • David Ridsdale
    G&H Maintenance Director