Planned preventative maintenance

Long-term planning reduces the risk of failures, cuts reactive maintenance costs and increases the reliability of equipment.
We audit assets so we know their lifespan and how efficiently they are performing.
This allows us to be able to make sure there are no breakdowns, building closures or disruption to customers.
Furthermore, businesses can plan future investment budgets as knowing when equipment will need replacing allows for accurate forecasting.

Reactive maintenance

Emergency 24-hour breakdown cover is provided across the UK all year round.
Our average response time is just two hours. Our engineers fix 85% of call outs first time without leaving the site.
Emergency repairs take four hours on average.
A long-term, maximum efficiency approach is taken even when carrying out emergency repairs.


We ensure buildings and facilities permanently meet all legal requirements.
Certificates are stored on our internal server in dedicated folders, allowing easy access for our office-based team and on-site engineers through specialist mobile software.
We maintain every building asset:
– Heating
– Ventilation
– Air conditioning
– Plumbing
– Electrical
– Building Energy Management Systems (BMS)
– Periodic testing
– Water treatment
– Fire alarms
– Renewable energy systems and technology
– Lightning protection
– Fall arrest
– Lifts