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Staff help shape the development of bespoke G&H Online Portal app


G&H app

Staff at the G&H Group have played a key role developing a bespoke app to improve efficiency on and off-site.

The G&H Online Portal app has been rolled out to all 150-plus members of staff across the Group’s five divisions.

It is fully branded and links to all devices including desktops, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

The app allows timesheets and holiday requests to be submitted with greater ease and gives instant access to people’s up-to-date training records.

Other features include seeing company vehicle mileage and documentation such as road tax dates, service history and repairs.

On-site, the app lets engineers and project managers create site audits and see drawings and scheme information remotely.

G&H Group’s Pre-Construction Director, David Davis, said: “We looked at ‘off the shelf’ type apps that were already available but having analysed these closely, it was apparent we would not use a lot of the features.

“We decided to develop an app that was bespoke to our needs and the result is that every feature of the G&H Online Portal is being used extensively and the investment is paying dividends.

“Crucially, it’s been very well received by all departments and divisions within the Group.

“We involved a range of staff from administrators and site operatives to project managers and directors to shape the features and then fine tune it directly with the developers writing the software.”

G&H has now started using the app to assist its quality control and handover departments by allowing them to share information with clients in real time.

“The app isn’t just an administration tool, we’re using it to improve the performance of our day-to-day mechanical and electrical projects too,” adds Mr Davis.

“We have started using it to carry out site audits by linking it to our main IT server so drawings and project information can be accessed remotely in a clear and intuitive interface.

“Our QA team is now on site seeing which items are completed, which are outstanding and we’ve got the software architecture in place to share it with clients.

“This will be far more efficient and environmentally friendly than issuing realms of paperwork.

“We are also really interested in being able to analyse the data that will be captured over time to help us improve the level of service provided in the projects list.

“For example, data might start showing key patterns.

“Once identified we can address these whether that’s by writing it into the scope of works at an early stage or by providing training if it’s a technical issue.

“The overall aim of the app is to make us more efficient across all aspects of the business.”

The investment in the G&H Online Portal complements the Group’s funding of the cloud-based Dalux Revit app that was recently introduced.

G&H expects in time to be able to integrate the Dalux BIM viewer software into its own portal.

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