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G&H Group introduces specialist mental health and wellbeing support initiatives for employees

In a bid to further improve the wellbeing and mental health of its employees, G&H Group has introduced a range of support and training initiatives for staff to take advantage of.

Training and workshop events will cover a variety of topics that might affect G&H staff.

This will include, for example, how to help people learn to manage and avoid stress, how to identify and understand anxiety and how to help support menopausal employees.

Sessions showing how to spot signs of mental health illness among those working from home will also be run along with general wellbeing tips such as the benefits of healthy eating for good brain function.

Employees will be given the opportunity to become first aid mental health champions to raise awareness among their colleagues, help staff communicate openly with each other, foster a more positive working environment and empower changes to be made to prevent issues recurring.

Regular blogs and quarterly newsletters will provide employees with the latest support, hints and tips and this will be boosted by staff having access to the DevelopME online portal.

Managing Director at G&H Group, Graham Kelly, said: “We take wellbeing very seriously and with Breathing Space HR, are adopting a holistic view of the needs of our staff by offering services that look at prevention, coping strategies and support.

“It is vital that we make the workplace as healthy and happy as possible for all our people and take mental health as seriously as physical health.

“The more awareness and understanding of mental health issues we can raise among everyone the better it will be, as it will make people more confident to talk and open up so the right help can be given.”


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