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G&H Group blocks out of core hours emails in bid to improve staff wellbeing and work-life balance

G&H Group has introduced a new policy that sees out-of-hours emails blocked in a bid to improve staff wellbeing.

The move is part of a drive to create a better work-life balance among its 175-strong workforce.

Incoming emails are now automatically held back by G&H’s servers between the weekday hours of 7pm and 7am.

And emails drafted by employees will stay in outboxes between these hours too.

The new policy also applies for all hours on weekends, Bank Holidays and during annual leave.

Managing Director of G&H Group, Graham Kelly, said: “We want to address the ‘always on’ culture created by remote access to emails via mobiles and tablets in particular.

“Our people are incredibly dedicated so if they receive emails at night or on weekends they want to reply or feel obliged to respond even when they should be resting and enjoying their time outside of work.

“Feeling burdened by emails can build up over time without people realising it potentially leading to burnout, a lack of perspective and serious stress and anxiety issues.

“We believe our new approach will address this and improve everyone’s overall mental wellbeing as well as their work-life balance, which has been blurred in recent years by technology.

“It will also provide long-term benefits for our clients too as our people will have clearer minds,  be fresher and in turn operate more efficiently during core working hours.”

G&H’s email signatures now carry a message alerting senders to when their emails will be read and the reason why.

Emergency support will still be provided by G&H’s 24-hour helpdesk with cases logged by ringing 0345 609 0334.

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