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G&H continues investment in BIM technology with state-of-the-art cloud-based app

The G&H Group has underlined its position as one of the earliest adopters of technology in the M&E sector with the introduction of a new cloud-based app.

Dalux is being installed on the mobiles and tablets of all G&H’s on-site staff allowing engineers and project managers to view its design teams’ intended plans when in the field.

M&E services, such as ductwork, pipework, fixtures and fittings, will be able to be seen on remote devices and automatically synchronise with desktop computers via the cloud.

This will improve understanding, clarity and minimise the risk of errors compared to traditional paper drawings.

Dalux G&H

Pre-Construction Director at G&H Group, David Davis, said: “We were one of the first M&E companies in the UK to invest in BIM and the Dalux app allows us to develop the use of this technology further when our teams are on-site.

“We have been actively looking into BIM viewers for some time to allow our site teams to see the 3D models we create within our design department rather than just the 2D output drawings that has always been produced.

“Finding the right platform has been difficult as we needed something simple to run and use on most devices without the need for a powerful laptop.

“Dalux provided that with a simple BIM viewer that is accessible from desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

“This means from the office we can export our design 3D BIM models directly to the software including all drawings associated.

“Access and navigation is simple with our subscription and also includes an augmented reality function that allows our site team to view ductwork, pipework, fixtures and fittings in real time as if they were already installed.

“Allowing our site teams to access these design BIM models gives them the ability to view areas of concern from different angles, areas not clear and interrogate equipment properties to clearly see the intent. This will increase efficiency, productivity and coordination across projects.”

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