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G&H Fabrication’s new 11,500 sq ft specialist offsite facility completed

G&H Fabrication has completed work on its new 11,500 sq ft specialist offsite facility allowing it to carry out larger-scale works.

It has already won two contracts worth £1.4 million as a result of being able to make larger prefabricated equipment.


G&H Fabrication Director, James Sherburn, said: “We are now able to design, create and test far larger prefabricated equipment and transport it to site when required.

“We are currently providing the full mechanical pipework installation to 21 contained two-megawatt combined heat and power units in a £735,000 contract and a £660,000 scheme for eight, 20-megawatt Short Term Operating Reserve projects to provide the National Grid with more power on demand.

“With more awareness of the benefits of offsite prefabrication, such as build and labour cost savings, time savings, reduced congestion onsite, better testing and greater safety, we expect the business to continue to grow.

“Bigger premises will also give us more room to store materials and deliver work such as 18” stainless steel flue pieces, large skid-mounted plant rooms and components for industrial-scale energy generation facilities.”



As a result of the growth and expansion, G&H Fabrication is recruiting foremen and coded welders.

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